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Mood Goddess

Hidden in the night behind the shadows, she is there watching and sees all things hidden. She rules the water, the emotions, the subconscious, and the oceans. She beckons you to come closer. She is your guide if you choose to follow her. She is the keeper of the dark secrets that casts shadows in the night. The wolves call to her in honour; they know of her sacred ways. Many dance in rejoice when she is at her fullest. She can reveal things that are considered forbidden. She is the shadow side that heeds to be called upon so you may release your fears and judgement and accept the shadow side of yourself.


Angelia Little (c)

Posted by: angelialittle | January 4, 2020

My Wish for You


My Wish for You

I wish you light in the darkest of moments. I wish you inner strength when you feel broken. I wish you perseverance when you want to give up. I wish you the teachings of the ancient elders that came before you. I wish you the innocence of the young ones that follow after you. I wish you the evolution and growth of your soul. Your divine feminine, your divine masculine intertwined as one.

Angelia Little (c)

Posted by: angelialittle | January 3, 2020

The Ageless One

You can hear her calling your name but you dare not listen. You can see her in the distance but you dare not look. You can feel her essence around you but you dare not touch. You can smell her scent but you dare not breath. You can taste her essence but you dare not drink the divine. For if you relinquish the illusions of your fake reality, you will come face to face with The Ageless One. Only those of a warrior spirit will be able to withstand her sacredness.


Angelia Little (c)

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Mother of Earth

She has been shut down, repressed, scoffed at, ripped up, burned and disempowered. She knows and carries the secrets. She embodies the portal to the inner realm. She carries the keys to the magical kingdom. She is the bearer of life, death and the seasonal cycles. She is the Mother of Earth and all living beings. Many fear her inner power for it can crush the ego. Many chose not to forge ahead. Truth and justice are her chariots of fire. Love and peace sit upon her throne. She is gentle, nurturing and compassionate, but as well, she can cut down strife when it doesn’t serve the highest good. She has been weeping far too long, as her body, energy and soul becomes destroyed, due to the greed and annihilation of humanity. They chose not to listen for so long and now they pay the price. Transformation must come, in order for a renewal to take place. She will rise again and finally be honoured.

Angelia Little (c)

Posted by: angelialittle | December 1, 2011

My Travels

I guess the first thing to start with on this blog, which is new to me, is to say a little bit about myself. I live in Canada in one of the eastern provinces. I traveled so much and lived in alot of different places so it would be difficult for me to say that ‘this’ place is my home or that somewhere else is. Who knows? Home is where the heart is, so I guess it doesnt matter where you live on this planet as long as you are happy to be there whether its temporary or long term.

Some people may call me ‘flighty’ or ‘restless’ or that I dont know where I belong but I have to say to them, I always follow my heart and my intuition and sometimes that takes me to different locations. I was born a restless spirit and one that has to experience things in life in order to learn or evolve, rather than read it out of a book. When I leave this earth and my time has come, I do not want any regrets. So I live life to the fullest, I take chances and risks where others would never dare, I dont live in fear of what may happen or not happen, I try to live in the moment. The biggest thing for me and how I live is truly by faith. Sometimes you just need to go out on the limb of life and trust the process of it taking you to a place that may be better than where you are now. Sometimes you just need to let go of your ‘own’ expectations or perceptions and let life happen.

Alot of times I will question myself or I should say my ‘higher self’ or ‘guardian angels’ or whatever you may choose to call, as to why I am being led to a certain location or to go see a certain person. However alot of the time, I never know what to expect and usually dont know the reason until later on in the future. I do know one thing for sure and that is when I follow my heart or intuition it always has an impact on myself and the people who I come into contact with.

More to come at a later time.